Wale's The Album About Nothing arrives later this month and the rapper reveals the artistically-crafted cover for the project along with the track list.

The D.M.V. MC released the artwork on his Instagram page and wrote this message in the caption: "I'm not happy right now. But I have a mission I'm on. I appreciate you guys for rockin wit me. I have zero personal life. I have no kids, no nothing. Just my thoughts and ideas."

The cover was designed by New York artist Sue Tsai -- it's one of three covers that will be released. The first portrait shows a dirt path with footprints, as if someone is walking into the far distance -- those prints represent Wale and Jerry Seinfeld wearing Air Jordan 4s and 6s. There's also a big blue moon and a bunch of stars in the sky.

Wale explained the photo in a recent statement. "Me and Jerry, walking up and u see a blue moon Illuminating," he said. "This is basically saying come with me on the journey that is my everything. My life. This is my fears my thoughts my dreams my demons. For better or worse ... It’s designed for my core fans.”

He also released the track list for The Album About Nothing. The Maybach Music Group creator even emailed it to some of his fans Tuesday afternoon (March 4).

With 14 songs deep, the album is very light on the guest features --  Jeremih, SZA, Jerry Seinfeld and Usher provide vocals. In fact, Wale has already released "The Matrimony" with Usher and the Jeremih-assisted "The Body," which have quickly found their way to radio.

The Album About Nothing hits shelves on March 31, but you can pre-order it right now.

The Album About Nothing Track List

1. “The Intro About Nothing”
2. “The Helium Balloon”
3. “The White Shoes”
4. “The Pessimist” feat. J. Cole
5. “The Middle Finger”
6. “The One Time in Houston”
7. “The Girls on Drugs”
8. “The God Smile”
9. “The Need to Know” feat. SZA
10. “The Success”
11. “The Glass Egg”
12. “The Bloom (AG3)”
13. “The Matrimony” feat. Usher
14. “The Body” feat. Jeremih [Bonus Track]

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