Wale has always championed ambition -- in himself and in the hip-hop community. The current change in the industry's climate is a sign that more artists are taking heed.

The D.C. native shares his enthusiasm over fellow rap star J. Cole's tenacity and recent success, selling 218,000 copies of his debut LP, 'Cole World: The Sideline Story,' which was two years in the making before it dropped last week. The two previously united for the song 'Bad Girls Club.'

"I love it," Wale tells The Boombox of his collaborator's achievements. "It's [signifying] a shift and I think people are starting to care more about artists and less about a single or whatever the label picks. People are buying into the artists."

Last year, Wale followed his aspirations all the way to the front seat of Rick Ross' beat-banging

Maybach. Signing to the Maybach Music Group imprint in late 2010, he's hoping to take full advantage of MMG's apparent infallibility. His first LP with the label, entitled 'Ambition,' will dispel any remaining questions as to whether or not he still has the drive to succeed after his 2009 career debut, 'Attention Deficit,' floundered under Interscope's watch.

The 27-year-old recently dropped 'Lotus Flower Bomb,' a track off his sophomore effort that features R&B crooner Miguel. He seems to be at peace with how his latest project has shaped up.

"When you do your best, do what you feel and leave it all on the field or in that booth, that's all you can do," shares Wale, who's mum about any other collaborative efforts or production credits on the album. "God got it from here, that's all I can do."

Wale's second LP, 'Ambition,' is slated for release on Nov. 1, under Maybach Music Group/Warner Brothers.