Preparing for the release of his sophomore album, 'Ambition,' Wale has leaked a new song, 'Tatts On My Arm,' featuring Rick Ross.

Wale and Ross go back and forth on the hook of the Southside-produced slow-burner -- all 808's and keys. The D.C. native handles the verses, alternately bragging, complaining and shouting out his MMG debut, 'Ambition,' though it does not appear that this track will actually appear on the album.

"Ambition is a way of life. It's a mindset, follow me," Ross rumbles, introducing his Maybach Music Group signee.

"I ain't with the rappin'/ See I'm just tryna focus/ 'Cause the loudest n---- in the room/ Is usually the brokest," Wale raps. "Tatts all on my arm/ These dreads all in my eyes/ I put these poems all in these songs/ For the paper I'm a grind/ It's my ambition, n----."

Wale's 'Ambition' drops on Nov. 1, and will feature the recently-leaked 'Lotus Flower Bomb,' featuring Miguel. While the tracklisting has yet to pop up online, the album art is available for view here.

Listen to 'Tatts On My Arm' Feat. Rick Ross

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