Waka Flocka recently revealed that, given the ability to chose, he'd rather be a wrestler than a rapper. "That s--t picked me," Waka explained. "I ain't pick this. I'm trying to tell you, I woulda been a wrestler before rapping. Real talk. I woulda been another Steve Austin. Rapping? Nah." We would love to see that. [Vibe]

Kim Kardashian explained that she's not pregnant with Kanye West's baby, she's just really into hot dogs and nuts. "My reaction is, 'God, I've got to stay away from those hot dogs and nuts on the street corner and the ice cream!' " she said. "Like those trucks, I've never seen that before -- trucks of ice cream. You have to stop and eat! I couldn't control myself, so [in] New York [I've] put on like 10 pounds and then I'm pregnant with Kanye's baby, so whatever! What can you do?! Hit the gym!" Never seen...ice cream trucks or hot dog vendors? Sure. [MTV]