Vince Staples is giving back to his Long Beach, Calif. Community in a big way. The wordsmith has teamed up with Levi’s Music project to launch a music program for inner-city youth.

The Music x Technology program is located at the local YMCA in Long Beach, Calif., and the class teaches students the craft of production and songwriting. Along with the help of his mentor, veteran producer No I.D., Staples was able to give students some helpful advice when it comes to making music.

"The hardest thing to make is a simple song," he said. "To keep something simple and still evoke emotions from somebody is the difficult thing you can do. Everybody knows the words to ‘Happy Birthday,’ that’s why that shit is the hardest song of all time."

In the inspiring clip above, the 23-year-old rhymer hopes the program will inspire kids to pursue other careers in the music industry - from being an engineer to working in the legal department. But first they must understand the craft of making music.

Vince Staples just released his new album Prima Donna to favorable reviews. His 10-minute short film for the title tracks explores the ups and downs of fame.

“You’re not a person when you make music, you’re a link," he says of fame in the digital age. "They just want to click it. You’re not uploaded yet, f--- you. What happened? Your mom died? Your car didn’t start today? You’re not in a good mood? Where’s my song? It gets kind of crazy out here.”