Vic Mensa is a rebel after the hip-hop throne.

The Roc Nation signee releases a new freestyle over Notorious B.I.G's iconic "Who Shot Ya?" beat. The song begins with a homage, using the same introduction as Roc-A-Fella’s 2001 Takeover Freestyle in which Jay Z and Meek Mill are heard on the track.

"This the beginning to a new dynasty," raps the Southside Chicago native. "That's why I never listen, I don't respect tradition."

Biggie's "Who Shot Ya?" is a diss track toward the late Tupac Shakur, so it makes sense that Mensa takes aim at fellow rappers and explains he's earned a rightful seat at the top while spitting over the beat from 1995.

"Don't chalk my success up to Kanye influence / N----, I made 'U Mad' before I met dude ass / That's no disrespect that's my n----, you knew that / But motherf---ers always act like I ain't prove that."

Even A$AP Rocky agrees, according to Mensa. "A$AP gave me some game / He said I'm iller than any of these rap n----s who gon' try to advise me," spits the "Down On My Luck" rapper.

The man formerly known as Yung Net Save Peso also sarcastically brings up the Illuminati and claims that they're the reason for his success and the Kanye West collabs. "I'm the heir to the throne, must you be reminded? / I just signed a deal with the Illuminati / That's how I got the 'Ye feature and got super poppin.'"

He also makes several comments against police brutality and describes himself as a revolutionary Black Panther who's "Assata Shakur mixed with Fred Hampton." "Never talk to the cops, you end up dead in prison / My n---- lil' E came out full grown / Got pulled over driving back through the hood home," he rhymes. "I just ordered the glock because we at war with the cops / Police saying off the street more than a block / They shooting n----- down like a gazelle to a lion / It's hard to keep calm when real n----s is dying."

At the end, Mensa makes another Jay Z reference: "And there you have it kid now, 'Can I Live?'"

Mensa's first studio album, Traffic, is expected to be released this year.

Listen to Vic Mensa's "Heir to the Throne"

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