Troy Ave has kept a low profile ever since he was released from jail earlier this month. But the Brooklyn rapper is still staying busy with music. He recently dropped “Hot Boy,” a new song--not to be confused with Bobby Shmurda’s radio-friendly tune "Hot N----" from 2014.

Produced by Yankee and Trilogy, the BSB leader drops cocky rhymes but also a few tidbits about his life following his ongoing criminal case.

"N----s hope my downfall gonna be they come up / But that ain't the case, send it street 100 / I'm only in here cause I keep it 100," he raps, adding, "I only put my faith in God cause n----s be bluffin' / When your back against the wall you see everybody frontin'."

As for other rappers thinking that Troy Ave is finished because of his legal case, he has a message for them.

"I was gone all this time you n----s still ain't hot / You n----s just rappers, I'm real, they pop / King Troy is everything real, they not / My art imitate life and not the other way, watch," he spits.

It's good to see Troy Ave not letting his house arrest stop him from dropping some heat for the streets. If you want to hear more music from him, check out his latest mixtape, Free Troy Ave.

Listen Troy Ave's Song "Hot Boy"