As he awaits his trial for attempted murder, Troy Ave proclaims his innocence on a freestyle from his just released mixtape, Free Troy Ave.

On the song, the Brooklyn rhymer states his case in regards to the Irving Plaza shooting, in which he is caught on video holding a gun and shooting in the direction of fleeing clubgoers. During the melee, Troy Ave's friend, Ronald "Banga" McPhatter, was shot in the stomach and later died. Three other people, including Ave himself, was injured.

In his freestyle, Troy Ave claims that he was the target of an assassination attempt.

"Lock in a jail but I'm gonna get free...p---- n---- tried to assassinate me / I took the gun from him and turn the tables around like a G / R-I-P my real n---- B-A-N-G," he raps.

"It ain't the end of Troy Ave, not at all. It's just the beginning, I'm innocence," he adds.

As for the rest of the mixtape, the collection boasts 12 songs, including the previously released “Chuck Norris (Hoes & Gangstas),” with Lito making a guest appearance on "I Love the Game."

The rest of the songs features Troy Ave dissing haters and boasting about counting money and copping luxury whips ("Dealership").

However, on the gospel-esque "Thank You Jesus," the embattled rapper thanks the Almighty for his giving him many blessings and asks him to guide him through his trials and tribulations.

On “Outro,” Troy Ave pays homage to his late friend, Ronald "Banga" McPhatter, who was buried last weekend in Brooklyn, N.Y. “I lost my best friend and the sad part about it is I ain’t realize he was my best friend until I lost him,” he says in a phone call from jail. “And that s--- hurts worse than these bullets when I got shot.”

Troy Ave pleaded not guilty to attempted murder and is awaiting his next hearing, which is on Thursday (June 9).

In the meantime, peep Troy Ave's mixtape below.

Listen to Troy Ave's Mixtape Free Troy Ave