The results are in. And not only has Tinashe won The Boombox Battle this week against Alicia Keys' 'We Are Here,' but the singer has also become the latest artist to enter The Boombox Battle Hall of Fame.

Over the past four weeks, she's consistently wooed fans with her track, 'In the Meantime,' earning an overwhelming majority of the votes in each battle.

With a fluid melody, T-Minus’ bouncy beat and the singer’s airy vocals, ‘In the Meantime’ has a smooth sensuality that compliments her flirty lyrics. “In the meantime, f--- in the meantime/ I need ya, but just for tonight, boy,” she sings.

She started her winning streak when she went against Nico & Vinz's 'Am I Wrong?,' taking more than 94 percent of the vote. She then battled Luke James' 'Dancing in the Dark, where she blew him away with over 98 percent of the vote. Her third battle -- the closest competition we've seen yet -- was against Prince's 'Clouds,' where she managed to win by only a few votes.

Finally, her battle against Alicia's 'We Are Here' proved that you don't necessarily have to be a veteran in the game in order to get the fan vote. Her supporters are some of the most loyal we've seen -- they even helped her dominate The Boombox's Best of Summer 2014 polls with wins in the Best Song and Best Singer categories.

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