After years of speculation that Tim Dog faked his own death in February 2013, Dateline NBC has uncovered his death certificate and concluded that he is dead.

This ends the long mystery after a Mississippi woman claimed that the late rapper defrauded her out of $32,000. The alleged victim believes Tim Dog owes about $2 million to several people and faked his own death to avoid paying. It was presumed that he was living in Atlanta with a wife and child. Last year, prosecutors issued an arrest warrant for the rapper.

Dateline NBC did some serious investigative work and managed to uncover Tim Dog's death certificate, which was difficult to find because it was filed in the county where he had died and not where he was allegedly residing at in Atlanta. They called several funeral homes in and around the Atlanta area and discovered that one parlor had a Timothy Blair on file. You can view the document here.

Tim Dog, real name is Timothy James Blair, died from a seizure associated with his diabetes on Valentine's Day 2013. He was 46 years old.

The final twist to this long saga is that Tim Dog's body was cremated and paid for by the county.

Tim Dog is survived by his widow and daughter.