An arrest warrant has been issued for a "dead" rapper. Bronx native Tim Dog, who found fame in the early '90s with his controversial song "F--- Compton," is being sought by police after a Mississippi judge granted the warrant because a woman claims he faked his own death.

Tim Dog, born Timothy Blair, was convicted of grand larceny for scamming money from Esther Pilgrim in 2011. She accused the rhymer of taking her money, which totaled $32,000. In addition to Pilgrim, other women came forward to claim he conned them out of money, totaling $2 million.

On Feb. 14, Tim Dog, 46, reportedly died from a battle with diabetes. However, Pilgrim believes he's still alive. A prosecutor in Mississippi wants proof of his death.

"I need proof," said prosecutor Steven Jubera. "I need a death certificate showing that's he's dead because as far as I'm concerned, he's alive."

Earlier this week, Jubera, in conjuction with the Desoto County DA's Office, filed a petition with a judge to have Tim Dog's probation revoked. He was scheduled to make monthly payments to the court following his conviction, however, once he was reported dead, the payments stopped.

"I believe he was so angry that he had to pay me back," Pilgrim explained.

While his death made headlines, news of a funeral did not. "Nobody said where he died, nobody said where he was buried, which is very odd for an obituary," Jubera stated.

Ultramagnetic MCs' member Ced Gee, a longtime friend of Tim Dog, revealed that he refused to speak at his funeral because apparently no death certificate could be provided by the family. As a result, Ced Gee believes no funeral occurred.

If Tim Dog's family members show proof of his death, prosecutor Jubera will drop the arrest warrant.