When Snoop Dogg apologized to Iggy Azalea following their beef, few people saw it coming. Once word got out that T.I. was the one who squashed things, folks wanted to know how he did it.

In an interview with XXL, Tip said he has no intention of trying to force a friendship between Iggy and the West Coast rap veteran; he just wanted the nasty back-and-forth to stop.

"I'm not in a position to make anyone like each other," he said. "I respect him enough, I respect her enough for them to form their own respectful opinions of whomever.....To have a position [to say] hey you know what, I don't care for this person, I don't care for this person, that's a human right that everyone has."

In addition, the 'Paperwork' creator said he respects both Snoop and Iggy, and he doesn't want either of them hurling anymore insults, as that would obviously put him in an awkward position.

"I still f--- with Snoop, based on my relationship with Snoop, based on what I know about Snoop," he explained. "I still f--- with Iggy based on my relationship with Iggy and what I know about Iggy. I wouldn't be comfortable if she said anything disrespectful about him, I wouldn't be comfortable if he said anything disrespectful about her."

Earlier this week, the former Death Row artist said he wouldn't collaborate with the Aussie rapper in the future, after she said the same a few days prior. We'll just have to wait and see if this beef is really squashed for good or not.

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