If you thought the beef between Snoop Dogg and Iggy Azalea was over, think again.

In a newly released clip by TMZ, the rap veteran had some very choice words for the blonde beauty, after a cameraman informed him Iggy said she would not collaborate on a song with him.

After a paparazzo asked Snoop if he would continue to be forgiving towards Iggy after her comment, he starting singing Big Sean's line from his song 'IDFWU.' "You little stupid ass bitch, I ain't f---in' with you," he replied, singing the verbal jab.

The photographer then suggested to the Doggfather to move on because he's too respected to beef with the Australia native. Snoop agreed and entered his awaiting vehicle, where he was then pummeled with questions about his favorite football team, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

After revealing his favorite player on the squad is Ben Roethlisberger, the weed-loving MC held up a huge Steelers towel, showing his team loyalty.

Do you think Snoop is purposely reigniting the beef with Iggy Azalea? Give your thoughts in the comments below.

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