The Roots and The Dirty Projectors

It's an odd relationship, but the hip-hop world seems to be slowly embracing the indie rock community. First you had Kanye, Drake and others rapping over production from twee Swedish poppers Peter Bjorn and John. Then, earlier this year, Jay-Z and Beyonce were spotted watching Grizzly Bear at a concert on the edge of Brooklyn's East River. Now, The Roots have taken up with The Dirty Projectors. On Sunday, member of The Roots joined Projectors frontman Dave Longstreth and company on stage for two tracks at the indie rockers' final show, in a run of four, at famed downtown Manhattan venue the Bowery Ballroom.

The collaboration ideas first came about when the Dirty Projectors were guests on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' a couple months ago. Questlove hit Twitter throughout the night of the performance. At first he was skeptical, but then, completely awed, he posted a video of some insanely intricate harmonizing going on backstage.

"Dirty Projectors came in our room and demonstrated their awesomeness," wrote The Roots drummer at the time. "How cool is it for them to do this?" He posted this video of the Projectors backstage warm-ups to prove his case:

Sunday night (Nov. 22), Quest along with Kirk Douglas and Owen Biddle (The Roots' guitarist and bassist respectively) joined the band for the hip-hop-influenced 'Stillness Is the Move' as well as 'No Intention.' Both songs are off the Dirty Projectors' critically acclaimed 2009 album entitled 'Bitte Orca.' Check out a video of 'Stillness is the Move' below: