Having recently cut ties with their label Chocolate Industries for stalling their releases, Chicago's The Cool Kids are ready to unleash an arsenal of new music. Come 2011, Mikey Rocks and Chuck Inglish are kicking off the new year with a new Cool Kids album in January, followed by a solo offering from Mikey and another Cool Kids joint.

"Me and chuck album coming Jan. My solo joint coming right after that. Then another album from me and chuck after that. And it Don't stop," announced Mikey on his Twitter page. The group has already put the finishing touches on their official debut album 'When Fish Ride Bicycles,' with Chuck tweeting about the LP's completion earlier this week. "Ok. When Fish Ride Bicycles is done and finished now ... And The man can't stop us this time. Yall can eat s---. The kids need this," he wrote.

The duo has spent the last few years building a heavy buzz, releasing the heralded mixtapes 'That's Stupid,' 'Gone Fishing' and 'Tacklebox.' But after sticking with their label Chocolate Industries for a few years and seeing their budgets shrink and projects delayed, the two decided to make their limbo a legal matter, resulting in the release from their contract in early October. "In case you were wondering why we never put an album out. We were dealing with some s--- we couldn't control in a short amount of time," wrote Chuck at the time. "But me and @sirmichaelrocks stood up for ours and in return ... We get what we wanted. Freedom to make our music. Without the BS."