The Chemical Brothers, an electronic duo from the U.K., are giving stateside millennials a sonic treat with their latest collaboration 'This Is Not a Game' featuring Miguel and Lorde.

The track, premiered by Zane Lowe, is all over the place with its distorted breakdowns, wonky horns and marching percussion It's a malfunctioning dubstep number for the club. Also, Miguel sounds similar to Trey Songz at some points.

'This Is Not a Game' begs one question: what sound will we hear on Miguel's upcoming third album. He dropped the guitar-backed goodie 'Simple Things' earlier this year, but this collaboration suggests he might be doing some genre-bending soon.

'This Is Not a Game' will appear on 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1.'

Listen to the Chemical Brothers' 'This Is Not a Game' Feat. Miguel & Lorde