Several rappers has performed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but Tech N9ne took it to another level. After being nominated by E-40, Kansas City News Anchor Mark Alford and the Technicians (his fans), the rhymer accepted his challenge in an extreme manner on Fox 4 News.

Tech didn't just have one bucket of water dumped on him. The rapper was doused with six buckets of ice water -- two apiece for E-40, Mark Alford and his fans. But he wasn't done yet. On top of that, Tech N9ne fell backwards into a small pool of ice water.


If six buckets of ice-cold water being dumped on Tech N9ne wasn't shocking enough, whom he challenged to do the watery game after him left us, well, in shock.

"I want to challenge Ice Cube, because I think it's funny. Minister Louis Farrakhan and Stevie Wonder," he said. He also nominated Ice-T and Coco do the challenge.

Plus, the 'Fragile' creator donated money to the ALS foundation, which helps raise awareness for ALS/Lou Gehrig’s disease research.

We want to salute Tech N9ne for getting really wet for a great cause. When Tech does something, he really does it big.

However, we don't think Farrakhan will participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge, but if he did, that would be a major spectacle to see on video.

Ice Cube, Stevie Wonder and Ice-T & Coco, you guys are next. And we can hardly wait.