When Singersroom thought of the perfect artist to grace the site's first digital cover, Tank was the best choice to convey the message of power and strength. After all, his resume speaks for itself as the singer has 14 years of experience in the industry penning hits for some of the music industry's biggest names as well as releasing five solo albums -- and one on the way.

Photographed by Karl Ferguson Jr., Tank is casually dressed in black jeans, a T-shirt and a white varsity jacket with black trim paired with white kicks. The monochrome outfit stands out nicely in front of a black background and hint of the American flag. The iconic pose also signals strength and can even be a sense of inspiration.

The interview delves into the life of the artist, born Durrell Babbs -- from his personal to professional struggles to his upcoming album, 'Stronger.' Not only does he reveal inspirations and how the songs came about, but he also discusses his personal growth.

“What makes me stronger is growth. I think that if we all give way to experience and accept the teachings, accept the understandings that goes along with it, then you really have no choice but to become stronger," he tells Singersroom. "You really have no choice but to benefit from all the trials and tribulations from the good times as well as the bad times,” Tank intimately reveals. “And this information has taken me into a space where musically, I’m at my best; I’m at my strength, physically, spiritually, mentally.”

And considering that 'Stronger,' which arrives Aug. 12, is his sixth album, Tank has a bit to say about how R&B has progressed -- or perhaps regressed -- in the past few years.

“Inspiration is one thing, but copying that’s a whole ‘nother [thing],” he said in the interview. “We’re losing the authenticity of what these artists can be and what they could really mean to the musical world. I would like to hear a collage of personalities, individuality... Those differences should be expressed in our music.”

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