Preparing his upcoming fifth album 'Savior,' singer-songwriter Tank takes time to pay tribute to the women in his life with 'Compliments,' his newest single.

The Washington, D.C. singer has lent his pen to Marques Houston, Omarion, Jamie Foxx and many more, but this time around, he's writing strictly for the sake of his female fans. "Have you been feeling underappreciated lately? Did your man forget to comment on your new hair style? Ladies, do you think chivalry is dead? Then you deserve some 'Compliments' from me," Tank explains in a press release attached to the song.

Newcomer Kris Stephens plays the female counterpart on the hook, while Tanks croons some sweet nothings over the spacey T-Minus production ('I'm On One,' 'Moment 4 Life'), singing "Let's appreciate you, 'cause the truth is that you're heaven sent/ We can start off with some compliments/ I can go on and on killing you with these compliments/ Words can't describe you, but let me remind you."

While his label has yet to announce a release date, Tank's fifth album 'Savior' will hit shelves soon.

Listen to Tank's 'Compliments'

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