Another Reason to ‘Envy’ Ray J
Ray J has worn a lot of hats over the years. He's been a singer, an actor and a reality television star. Most recently he's been working on the opposite side of the camera. In addition to starring in 'Envy,' the former 'Moesha' cast member also shares the title of co-e…
Ray J, ‘Sexy Ladies’ — New Song
Artist: Ray JSong: 'Sexy Ladies'Why You Should Listen: The 'Sexy Can I' singer knows a thing or two about 'Sexy Ladies.' Not only was the crooner linked to the extra-curvy Kim Kardashian, but now Ray J will have a chance to pick a new significant other as he attempts to…
Ray J, ‘Gifts’ — New Video
Artist: Ray JSong: GiftsWhy You Should Watch: Lips, hips and the ability to do "tricks" are considered 'Gifts' in the world of the 'Sexy Can I' crooner.
Watch 'Gifts' Dance Video
Ray J, ‘All I Feel’ — New Song
Artist: Ray JSong: 'All I Feel'Why You Should Listen: The crooner proves his new album, 'All I Feel,' has a little something for everyone with the title track that's the polar opposite of his current hit 'Sexy Can I.'
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New Releases: Ray J Returns With ‘All I Feel’
Every now and again R&B singer Ray J pops back on the scene with a sexy track, forcing us to sing along to the infectious beat. This time around the crooner works his magic with 'Sexy Can I.' With simple, but naughty lyrics like "It's a Kodak moment, let me go and get…
Ray J Feat. Yung Berg, ‘Sexy Can I’ — New Song
Artist: Ray J feat. Yung BergSong: 'Sexy Can I'Why You Should Listen: Everyone knows Ray J can spin a sexy track into a hit. This time around the singer gets a little help from Chicago emcee Yung Berg as Ray J declares that "it's a Kodak moment let me go and get my camera...