Reality star Monica "Danger" Leon had some words for Ray J, who failed to pick her to be his one-and-only on his show. "Ray J's gay, I'll tell you why...Listen n---a, I'm not a pimped ho, you're not gonna pimp me, I'm not Kim Kardashian...I'm Monica Leon, aka Danger...made you f--king relavent again. You're gonna respect me, or you won't...Ray J's lover of years is Young Buck. I'm really mad too, cause it's like Young Buck and Ray J, they've been going on strong f--kin' with eachother for years and Young Buck does not have 1% of what Ray J has...Baby just tell everybody, you like d--k too, it's OK." She then proceeded to sing some Rick James. [HipHopWired]

Diddy co-signed the Jackson's show on A&E via Twitter. "Watching jackson a and e show!!!!! Tito is a pimp!!!! My new favorite jackson brother!!!! Tito at the wine bar!!! Classic !! Lol lol...This jackson show is really dope!!! Shows you how you can know someone but don't know them. This show let's you meet the bros!!!" Man, that is a lot of exclamation points, even for Dids. [Twitter]

A lot of rappers got on Twitter to talk playoff football yesterday. Some waxed fairly eloquent, like 90's rapper Mic Geronimo, who tweeted, "This hands down the best game of the playoffs so far. I do not care what anyone says Kurt Warner is a gladiator." And some didn't, "Wooooooooowww kickers ain't s--t" wrote Slim Thug. It's funny cause it's true. [RapRadar]