Lil Flip

10 Rappers With Major Money Problems Over the Years
Don't fret about what you owe on your taxes or the money you still have to pay Uncle Sam for those school loans because these artists have had it way worse. Just know that you're not alone. Check out 10 Rappers With Major Money Problems Over the Years.
Lil Flip, Gun Charge Arrest: Rapper Says He’s Innocent
After Lil Flip was arrested on Dec. 26 on gun and drug charges, the rapper is ready to fight back, insisting he's innocent.
When police pulled him over in Shreveport, La. for speeding and allegedly found marijuana and a Bushmaster AR-15 rifle in his car, he was arrested for speeding, possession of ma…
Say What! — Lil Flip Never Brags + More
In very important hip-hop news, Bow Wow talked about signing with Cash Money records on a live stream recently, saying "It's the triple threat -- Bow, Wayne, Drake. Its about to be real stupid." Hey Bow, your triple threat's got a weak link...