Chingy Left Career Behind Because He Was ‘Sick’ of Music
Rapper Chingy has been out of the spotlight for the past three years, and now the St. Louis native is revealing why.
The 31-year-old has been plagued with rumors of an alleged sexual relationship with a transsexual male as of late, but behind the headlines there were deeper issues surrounding his sel…
Chingy Denies Sexual Relationship With Transsexual
Rapper Chingy is denying new rumors that he had a sexual relationship with transsexual model Sidney Star. In lieu of Star's allegations that she had a fling with the St. Louis rapper, and other performers, Chingy revealed in an interview that the gossip is completely false...
Chingy Dating a Transsexual?
Rapper Chingy found himself back in the press recently, and not for his music. According to reports, a transsexual female by the name of Foxxjazzel claims to have had an intimate relationship with the 29-year-old.
In a recent radio interview, Foxxjazzel stated that she and Chingy got together on more…
Chingy Gets Back to His Roots, Drops 16 Bars
"A lot of people stick to being rough, but I'm more of a player when I freestyle," Chingy told AOL during a taping of an exclusive 16 Bars freestyle segment in our New York studios. "Freestyling is important to me because that's what a lot of cats did back in the…
Hip-Hop Dances: Chickenhead
Chingy, 'Right Thurr'
While "chickenhead" first meant someone stupid, Chingy's 'Right Thurr' gave it a whole new meaning. Just wobble your elbows and legs.
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