Rapper Chingy found himself back in the press recently, and not for his music. According to reports, a transsexual female by the name of Foxxjazzel claims to have had an intimate relationship with the 29-year-old.

In a recent radio interview, Foxxjazzel stated that she and Chingy got together on more than one occasion. Calling him by his first name, Howard Bailey Jr., she said that she met the rapper in 2003 through a mutual friend and that their relationship was initially a one night stand. "It started off as one night and it turned into one of those things," she started. "We met at a party. He didn't know I was [a] tranny." Chingy allegedly found out of her transsexual gender later on but continued to see her. The interview continued with various sexual references to the kind of sex that the two had. "He liked it anyway I gave it to him."

"I have messed with celebrity boys before. I respect people but when they cross that line, I [have] to put you on blast." Eluding to the fact that Chingy made her upset by failing to properly acknowledge their situation, Foxxjazzel also said that she was not the first transsexual that he as been with. "If you do your research on this person, you can see the facts there."

Chingy responded to the rumors via video. "I wake up to people hittin' me up about some radio show. I don't have a secret lifestyle, what is you talkin' about? I didn't know that somebody could actually hate a [expletive] that much. But I'm takin' applications and I'm lookin' for 100 haters a day," the rapper angrily professed.

"That's just out of line to put some up there knowing that you are telling a lie," Chingy said. "And the transsexual, I don't even know that person, I never seen that person before in my life. The only thing that person knew was my real name and who don't know my real name? I same my name in all of my raps!"

Made popular by his 2003 hit 'Right Thurr,' Chingy was initially signed to rapper Ludacris' record label through Def Jam record. He later severed business ties with the record company.

The rapper is due to release his latest 'Everything and Nothing' later this year.