2013 MTV VMAs

The Butt Shaming of Miley Cyrus
There's no question that Miley Cyrus' performance and attire are the talk of last night's MTV VMAs, but instead of social media simply hating on the blue-eyed beauty's "minstrel show," they're officially just hating on her ass--literally.
It's been 29 years since the MTV Video Music Awards first launched at New York City's Radio Music Hall in 1984, and four years since it was broadcast in the Big Apple, but last night's VMAs event marked the first time the production set foot in Brooklyn...
10 Most Random MTV VMA 2013 Moments
The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards were a jaw-dropping, heart-stopping, "holy sh-t did that just happen?" experience. From Jaden Smith and Rihanna's unimpressed shade stares to Taylor Swift's 18 cutaways to reaction shots and everyone wondering who exactly was supposed to be this year's award…