The folks over at TDE must be doing something right because all of their artists seem to be pushing the musical envelope, and SZA is no exception.

On her new song, 'Sobriety,' the St. Louis, Mo., native puts together some well-crafted lyrics to convey a deep, inner struggle.

"I been through like six Swishers in one day with one grape and one blueberry / What would my mother say? / She wanted me to be married and happy and whole, not high and alone / Whoa, that Xanax make you trip, I still ain't got no whip / I still ain't got no friends, at least I got my family, bulls---, My daddy still can't stand me," she sings over a spacey, bass heavy track produced by Chris Calor, Sounwave, Cody, Thundercat and LoveDragon.

The 24-year-old songstress will be joining Jhene Aiko on the Enter The Void tour, along with the Internet. The performance trek kicks off on Dec. 2 in Washington, D.C., where she'll most likely be performing songs from her releases 'See. SZA. Run,' 'S' and 'Z.'

There's still no release date for her next album 'A,' but we're waiting patiently for it, especially after dropping cuts like 'Sobriety.'

Listen to SZA's 'Sobriety' 

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