Swizz Beatz is back for Round 2 of his new MP3 series, 'Monster Mondays.' Hip-hop A-listers Pharrell and Pusha T join Swizzy for this week's track, 'Bang Bang.'

While the cover art features an old gun straight out of a '50s film noir, the 'Bang Bang' reference is more of the car stereo variety. With synthesizers blazing through the track that are more akin to modern classical music than some of the more techno-related work rappers have used recently, Swizz provides a distinct energy to the song. It allows Pharrell to work his normal sing-song magic.

"You can catch me slippin in that thang thang," Pharrell croons. "Ridin in the thang thang/ Let the drop top up and let the system bang bang/ We be swerving in the thang thang/ Ridin in the the thang thang/ Let the blueberry blow and let the system bang bang."

You can download 'Bang Bang' along with all the other entries in Swizz Beatz' 'Monster Mondays' series by visiting his new website, Basquiatmusic.com, or spin the tune after the jump.