It's not exactly unusual for an auto manufacturer to target the hip-hop community with a new vehicle, but frankly, gambits like placing grills on a grill are a bit hackneyed at this point.

The folks at Suzuki motors, however, have taken a different approach to winning friends and influencing mixmasters with their new Hip-Hop Grand Vitara. The SUV comes with all the standard accoutrements -- custom rims, 20-inch flat screen television and rear-mounted speakers that can stun a squirrel a hundred or yards away -- but the designers went the extra mile to rope in rap overachievers.

The additional features include a digital recorder, a mixing board and a drum machine, all of which slide out for easy use at a highway rest stop, should the driver get creatively inspired in the midst of nature's call. While we can't argue with any of those upgrades, we'd personally swap out the drum machine for something that might be a more concise profit-maker -- like a frozen drink machine that can turn cough syrup into a tasty summer libation.