The United States Army has finally decided to dismiss Spc. Marc A. Hall, the soldier who recorded a rap song wherein he threatened to shoot his officers. Hall faced 15 years in jail, if convicted of communicating a threat, but ultimately accepted a plea bargain. His dismissal for misconduct also has him lose all his military benefits, after serving more than four years of service and one tour of Iraq.

Hall, who fought in Iraq from 2007-2008, was about to be re-deployed to Iraq when he recorded the song, in which he threatened to use his military-issue M-4 rifle to attack his superiors over their enforcement of the Army's controversial stop-loss policy. "Still against the wall, I grab my M-4/ Spray and watch all the bodies hit the floor," Hall rapped. "I bet you never stop-loss nobody no more/ In your next lifetime of course, no remorse."

Though Hall's fellow soldiers said that they "thought he was a joker and they didn't take him seriously," the Army had no choice but to charge him when he sent copies of the song to the Army's personnel office and the Pentagon. "He understood the threats he made to his fellow soldiers," an Army spokesman said. "With the loss of his benefits, the time he's already done in jail and his reduction in rank, that's justice served."

"We are really happy that he's coming home," Hall's lawyer explained. "We think it's the best solution for all concerned."