With that Tommy Chong bust putting a crimp in sales of accessories designed to help in the burning of "recreational combustibles," Snoop Dogg clearly had to take a new approach in his pursuit of lucrative endorsement deals. Now he's found the perfect market to bite into.

Tha Doggfather has just announced that he's partnering with a company that markets chewable playthings for pooches of all sizes. While we're sure Mr. Dogg would prefer to see items like his Dogg Bone and DJ headset gripped between the jaws of rottweilers and pitbulls around the country, we can't help but conjure up an image of a toy poodle clutching a Snoop-approved doggie boom box -- an item that's said to play actual sound clips from the rapper's songs -- while sporting one of the line's miniaturized pimp hats.

We'd advise PETA to keep an eye on this development -- you know, just in case the partners move into peddling training devices such as the collapsible baton, like the one Snoop was packing at a Calif. airport the other week.