Snoop DoggSnoop Dogg will take on a new executive role this week. On May 29, Tha Doggfather will be named President of Serious Pimp, a clothing and sunglasses line that blends hip-hop and Mixed Martial Arts cultures, with which Snoop has recently become involved. Snoop has been promoting the company's eyewear since last December, while his spiritual advisor and former pimp, Bishop Don "Magic" Juan was appointed Serious Pimp's Chairman of the Board early last week.

The announcement about Snoop's new title is expected to be made at Caesar's Palace before Saturday's Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and Rashad Evans UFC match. According to Serious Pimp's CEO Damian Kutzner, Snoop's status in the music industry, combined with Serious Pimp's leverage in the Mixed Martial Arts community will help build Serious Pimp's brand.

"Serious Pimp got its start sponsoring MMA fighters in their bouts," stated Kutzner. "Ironically, 'Rampage' was one of the first fighters we got behind. Snoop Dogg's attendance at this fight shows the company's connection to the past and its vision for the future."

After the fight, the Doggfather will be performing at the LAX Nighclub in celebration of his new title.