Kanye West wrote a tender little missive on his blog recently. It's about love, music, being a true poet, being like Nina Simone and LOL's. ""It's funny how so many rappers get worse as their careers stretch out but true poets get better. We will follow in the foosteps of Maya Angelou, Gil Scott Herron and Nina Simone..." Kanye wrote. Then he discussed the media, "We have our own outlets now. We don't have to believe everything anymore. Now I'll figure out a way to make that rhyme LOL!!!" Oh, LOL is happening too? Hey Kanye, we like your music. It's going to be OK. [KanyeUniversity]

Benzino dissed Royce da 5'9" and Slaughterhouse recently, and Royce posted a YouTube video in response. You should check it out, it's funny. "When I see you, we gonna talk, cause I wanna know what your motherf-----g problem is," Royce began, reasonably. Then he made fun of Benzino for being old for the next 4 minutes. "Alright Mr Burns, you better slow your roll. All them liver spots you got on you...all that motherf----n' retirement home stench...You smell like old people. And you smell like doodoo...B----h you look like Sean Paul." Finally, he pulled out a "rocket launcher" and presumably smoked some weed. [NahRight]