Drake is the most popular Canadian rapper of all time (sorry Maestro Fresh Wes). Not only is he cool with the kids, Drizzy claims he's got the co-sign from the old-heads too. "I say 'b---h' and s--t like that, but I'm parent-approved," he told GQ. "Parents are like, 'That's an intelligent young man, that Drake.'" Oh, word? [MTV]

Former Roc-A-Fella videographer Choke No Joke (what's in a name?) recently told a tale about fashionable rapper Kanye West getting bailed out by Beanie Sigel. "Beans is a liability. I done seen Beans save n---as a-ses. One time we was in Chelea Diner and n---as was gonna rob Kanye. We was recording "The Champions" at Quad Studio, so Kanye texted like 'Yo n---as about to rob me!' So we all jumped in the van, Dame [Dash], Gunnaz, Beans, and we go to Chelsea Diner. We jump out and it was like a music video! The whole f---in' Roc is walkin' up in there and Beanie sit down, n---a got the mac on his waist, n---a like 'Kanye take ya chain out n---a, f--k you got ya chain tucked?' Kanye about to leave, 'N---a sit there and eat your food!' And those dudes that was gonna rob 'em was still there!" Needless to say, Kanye kept his chain, and Beans is a G. [YouTube]