Though Saigon continues to promote the release of his long awaited forgotten album, 'The Greatest Story Never Told,' the title grows more apt as the months pass. As recently as May 6th, media outlets have reported that the album -- a collaborative project with producer Just Blaze -- is slated for a July release. Saigon even posted the album's tracklisting on his Myspace page on January 4th with the following quote: "For all you that said my album was never gonna come out.....hahahahahaaaaaaaa.....Thanks." Unfortunately for Sai, his record label, Atlantic Records, has once again left his album off their 2008 release schedule.

The rapper has had his share of ups and downs in the past few years. After appearing as himself on several episodes of the HBO's 'Entourage,' the rapper's career took an unfortunate turn. He was stabbed in the head with a bottle, snuffed Prodigy (of Mobb Deep) at his partner Havoc's release party, and following a drunken appearance on Shade 45's Lip Service radio show, retired from rap via (what else) Myspace. He then made his dramatic return to hip hop a minute later via myspace, citing the "thousands of messages, many phone calls from very influential people, and much support from just everyday people I may bump into on the street" as his reason for the change of heart. All drama aside, we've heard the album is great and hope to hear it when it drops in Neveruary.

Currently on tour in Europe, Saigon performed in Amsterdam and gave an
interview about his album here: