Sade is giving fans more of a reason to pick up her greatest hits release 'The Ultimate Collection,' which drops May 3. The sultry songstress has just released 'Still In Love With You,' the new single off of the forthcoming effort.

The singer is known for her raspy vocals and simple yet powerful lyrics, and all are showcased on 'Still In Love With You.' In this post-breakup ballad, a desperate Sade pleads, "Baby, baby, think it over/ Just one more time before you go/ Call on me, baby/ If there's anything I can do for you/ Please, call on me, baby/ Help me see it through."

True to Sade's signature style, the new single will simultaneously make you want to cry and get you in the mood.

'The Ultimate Collection' is a double-disc "best of" album with all the essential Sade classics, plus three new jams. The collection will feature a new Jay-Z remix of 'Moon & the Sky' originally from Sade's comeback album 'Soldier of Love.' Its almost impossible to believe that the half-Nigerian, half-English beauty is 52 years old and has been in the biz for over 30 years.

Listen to Sade's 'Still In Love With You'