Since he broke onto the scene by catapulting Bad Boy's new princess Cassie to success five years ago, Ryan Leslie has earned himself quite the reputation as a writer, singer, producer -- and for his dating record as well. Leslie has been reportedly linked to Cassie and model Chanel Iman, among others, sparking substantial gossip coverage about his private affairs. Although he acknowledges that many of his songs explore relationships and the experiences that come with them, the Harlem native says that except for the song "Irina," on his debut album, he has never given specific details about his personal life. The song was dedicated to Leslie's ex-girlfriend, model Irina Sheik.

When The BoomBox caught up with Leslie to chat about his new album 'Transitions,' we questioned him about the content of the new album and about his number 26 spot on Page Six Magazine's "50 Hottest Bachelor's" list which was published early in 2009. Leslie was unaware of being dubbed one of New York's finest, alongside candidates like actor James Franco, but he seemed pleasantly surprised by the news. "I'm very happy to be on that list because it legitimizes the fact that I'm an eligible bachelor and I'm hot," he said. "So for someone to say it besides me is nice. I definitely accept any good titles people have for me."

Leslie went on to say that he would be equally receptive to less than stellar reviews as long as they were justified and he also made sure to point out that his past flings could better justify his merits as bachelor. "I'll accept the bad titles as well if they're merited," he said, "If you come across any bad titles and want to ask me about them, let me know and I'll let you know whether or not they have any merit. And in terms of the hottest bachelors thing, maybe you should ask some of the ladies that I've dated or at least girls that I've been associated or affiliated with. You may see them around."

Leslie's new album, 'Transitions,' hits stores on November 3.