Ryan Leslie is on the receiving of a lawsuit from a NYPD detective who claims his reputation has been damaged because of a vocal sample used on Leslie's 2012 album, 'Les is More.'

On the record's thirteenth track, 'Joan of Arc,' Leslie included a portion of a voicemail left by Det. Luis Mortimer. He was calling to speak with the singer/rapper/producer, who was allegedly repeatedly calling and knocking on the door of his ex-girlfriend, Australian supermodel Nicole Trunfio.

You can hear the track in question below.

According to the NY Post, Mortimer says that the song and its use of his voice has violated his civil rights and negatively impacted his standing as a police offer. He's apparently seeking an unspecified amount of damages per the lawsuit that was filed last week in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Mortimer has been a member of the NYPD for 15 years and didn't even know about 'Joan of Arc' until he received phone calls about it.