At a time when celebrities are fighting the good fight against invasive Internet blogs and incessant rumors, rapper Rick Ross is doing just the opposite. The Miami native took the time out to thank bloggers (on a blog, naturally) for keeping his name in the mix.

"Every time you [bloggers] type something, it's really a plus," Ross said. "Thank you, and really, the joke's on somebody else but we [are not going to] laugh in front of y'all."

But it doesn't stop there, just when it appeared that Ross was making an attempt at sincere gratitude the backhanded compliments started to flow.

"I'm an eight-figure dude. If you got the opportunity to meet me, I'm pretty sure you'd be humble," he said. "If you [were] on the computer and you're typing crazy ... I know what its like to not eat filet mignon. [I] know what it's like to eat [ramen] noodles, to eat Cap'n Crunch for breakfast, lunch, a snack and dinner. [Back then] I had nothing positive to say about no n----a.. Nothing was positive.""Half the time when you look online, the world is in shambles and you [bloggers] feel that," Ross continued. "A lot of the times when I see something that's negative or that's baseless, I just know that's frustration from somebody that's not being where they're supposed to be at."

Last year Ross found himself in the middle of negative backlash when an Internet site broke the story that he had once worked as a corrections officer -- a huge contradiction to his claims of being a drug dealer. Although he originally denied the story, he later fessed up after copies of his paychecks were leaked to the Internet containing both his birth name, William Leonard Roberts, and social security number. If that weren't bad enough, during a magazine photo shoot it was revealed that Ross sported fake designer glasses and jewelry. Then there were the subsequent beefs with 50 Cent, and boxer Floyd Mayweather to name a few.

The negative press however has done little to hinder his career. Ross' third album, 'Deeper Than Rap,' debuted atop the Billboard album charts back in April, marking his third consecutive No. 1. album since his 2006 debut.