We've had it about up to here -- and trust us, we're holding our hand mighty close to the top of our head -- with rappers who think that carrying around a gun makes 'em seem hardcore. So we were positively tickled to hear that an MC from a school about as old as schools get has decided to prove his mettle with a decidedly more manly form of toughness -- namely, slipping on a pair of spandex Speedos and grappling with another half-naked man.

That's the new career path chosen by hip-hop legend Melle Mel, who's been hitting the gym -- and, from the looks of things, one of those stands where they sell super-sized protein shakes -- in an effort to catch on with the WWE. Mel, who's been in training for the better part of a year, insists that he's thoroughly capable of taking 14 shots to the dome despite the fact that he's perilously close to getting his AARP card in the mail.

We're not entirely sure that Mel will be able to add a Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame honor to his Rock & Roll Hall prize, but we'd wager that if Bushwick Bill were to turn pro, the midget grappling title would be his within months.