R. Kelly still has some secrets to share. The singer sat down with SiriusXM for an 'Artist Confidential' interview earlier this week to promote his new LP, 'Black Panties,' as well as open up about his allure with the ladies and working with the late Michael Jackson.

Although we know him as the sexy crooner that vividly details all the creative ways he'll please a woman, Kelly was actually a shy youngster.

"My music teacher, who I had first at 8:30 in the morning, and there's 50 students there on the first day of school, and she called me out when she entered the room," he said. "She said, 'You come here,' and this is true, real deal story. She said, 'You come here.' She pointed to me, and I'm like... 'What? No, I don't like standing up in front of crowds. Don't call me out. I ain't got gum in my mouth so.'"

After telling him that she believed he was blessed with the gift of singing, Kelly recalled his teacher playing 'You Are So Beautiful' on the piano and had him sing along with her. And once he finished, all the girls jumped to their feet. After that, he knew what he was meant to do. Listen to more about this in the clip below.

Ladies aside, Kelly also revealed the time he worked with the King of Pop. As the story goes, Kelly received a call from the MJ camp asking if he had any songs available for Jackson to record. While he could have sent one of his already written tracks, the Chicago native decided against it.

"Even if I did, I wasn't gonna do that," he said during the interview. " I was going to write something special for Mike, and his spirit is all in me."

After sending him the song, MJ flew to Chicago to meet Kelly and his producer to work on the track. When Jackson arrived at the studio, he apparently walked straight to Kelly and gave him a "mama hug." Kelly recounted what happened in such a way that got the room laughing, but things got a bit more comical when he talked about his reaction to the whole event.

"So I went to the bathroom and laid out on the floor and just fainted, like fell out," he said. "I can't believe... you know it's going to hit me at some point. I couldn't believe I was working with Michael Jackson. I thought growing up as a kid, I thought Michael was a cartoon."

You can here more from this snippet of the interview below.

In case you missed it, R. Kelly's 'Artist Confidential' interview with SiriusXM will rebroadcast on 'The Heat' Sunday (Dec. 15) at 10PM and 'Heart & Soul' on Saturday (Dec. 14) at 12PM and Sunday (Dec. 15) at 6PM.

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