As R. Kelly tells it on new single 'My Story,' he's from that Chi-town dirt and went from being broke to sleeping in Versace shirts.

Atop some dark production outfitted with guitars and rolling percussion, the Windy City native utilizes some vocal effects to offer meme-worthy quotables. They include "I beat the p--sy/ Django" (in reference to 'Django Unchained') and "Showed her the Jesus piece/Now she got the holy ghost."

That's nothing compared to 2 Chainz' raunchy guest verse, which is perhaps too profane to even quote here. But that line about kissing both mouths is, just, too much. "Goddamn!" indeed.

You can stream the song below. It will appear on Kellz' upcoming album, 'Black Panties.' Yes his new album is called 'Black Panties.'