Queen Latifah has conquered music, movies, and even make-up, but now the entrepreneur is looking to add motherhood to that list. In a recent interview with Parade magazine, Latifah, who is somewhat reclusive about her personal life, revealed that in the next 10 years, she is hoping to put her life on "cruise control with a couple of kids under my belt."

Although she failed to divulge whether or not she was moving towards the direction of motherhood immediately, she remains positive about the possibility of having a family. "It's in the Lord's hands," she told the magazine.

Latifah, now 40, has yet to officially confirm or deny a rumored relationship with longtime personal trainer, Janette Jenkins. The two have been linked together for several years and were most recently spotted vacationing on a yacht with Alicia Keys and hubby Swizz Beatz off the coast of France, back in August. The duo were seen cuddling in various photos, but failed to release any statements regarding the matter.

Aside from her personal aspirations, on a professional level things continue to move forward. Latifah announced a deal with New York Spring Water to produce a line of vitamin water, and is producing the new scripted series 'Single Ladies,' which is scheduled to air on VH1. Up next, the New Jersey native will host the 35th annual People's Choice Awards, which is set to air on CBS Wednesday, Jan. 12, at 9PM EST.

Watch Queen Latifah's 'Go Head'
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