Post Malone enjoyed a breakout year in 2015 and looks to cap it off with the release of the remix to his ubiqitious hit, "White Iverson." Calling in French Montana and Rae Sremmurd to contribute some flavor of their own to the track, the remix proves to be a winner in its own right.

French Montana takes the lead, rapping, "I'm surfing, surfing, surfing on you / Wavy, wavy, wavy on you / Started on the block, yeah, I was broke-a / Ain't give me no choice but slang that coca," before giving listeners a run-down of his latest expenditures.

After saucing and flossing on the hook, Malone gets his croon on and delivers several catchy lines. "B---, I'm saucing, I do this often, don't do no talking  / My options, right when I walk in, drop all them Jordans / I'm ballin', money jumpin' / Like I'm Davis from New Orleans but b----, I'm Harden / I don't miss nothing," he raps.

Finally, Slim Jimmy of Rae Sremmurd closes out the song and turns in a fluid verse of his own. "I'm spending as I get it / I'm ballin' with no limits / F--- practice, I'm the illest living,'" he spits.

Malone gifts us with a banger with the "White Iverson" remix that ensures his name will be in the conversation for the foreseeable future. With a record deal with Republic Records in tow and a debut album on the horizon, Post Malone looks to be setting himself up for an even bigger year in 2016.

Listen to Post Malone's 'White Iverson (Remix)' Featuring French Montana and Rae Sremmurd

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