The last time we've heard from Nikki Jean she delivered a wonderful holiday present with her 'Christmas' EP. The pianist-singer blesses us again with a new song called 'Champagne Waters' featuring TDE member Ab-Soul.

On the song, which she co-produced with Double-O, Jean sings carefree lyrics about people going through tough life lessons but are holding on to their spiritual convictions.

"My best friend from high school, she went to a rave / She then score some E and then she got real brave / Then she got knocked up by white boy with long hair / Ask her who the daddy is she said, 'I swear it's Jesus Christ,'" she sings.

Ab-Soul comes through with an inspiring verse dedicated to “all my n----s with Jesus pieces that need a piece of Jesus.”

"Amen, my drink pink like an Easter dress / That Jesus juice, still seeking the truth like an Easter egg / Reap what you sow / Am I demon? / For biting what's been forbidden like Eve in Eden?" he questions over a trap-inspired beat.

The song will appear on Nikki Jean’s upcoming 'Champagne Water' EP, which boasts production assists from Jake One (De La Soul), Double-O (Kidz In The Hall), Peter Cottontale and Donnie Trumpet & Nate Fox of Social Experiment. The collection is due out in November.

Listen to Nikki Jean's 'Champagne Water' Song Feat. Ab-Soul