To celebrate ASCAP’s 100th anniversary, Ne-Yo, along with 14 other prominent songwriters including Aloe Blacc and soul icon Bill Withers, came together to create the song 'More Than the Stars.'

The R&B crooner was honored to pen an anthem dedicated to songwriters who, behind the scenes, are often the true superstars of your favorite hit songs.

“It really, really is special for me to be a part of something that speaks so heavily to just the art of songwriting: The magic of what songwriting is, what it does for people," he says.

"I’m a songwriter first," he adds. "I’m a songwriter who can sing and dance is what I always call myself."

Ne-Yo also describes the song as "a kind of ‘We Are the World’ for songwriters." For him, the whole recording process was inspiring.

"The song came out fantastic. The film came out fantastic. I was happy to be a part of it," he says.

The Boombox will premiere 'More Than the Stars' on Tuesday (Dec. 17) at noon. So stay locked in.