Ne-Yo's mainstream relevance has dissipated since his prime in the mid-00s, but kudos to him for sticking around. His R&B sound really hasn't changed all that much, yet he's clearly not out of touch with the times. For example: If you want to turn up for a little bit, you call Juicy J. Ne-Yo does just that for his new single, 'She Knows.'

The singer isn't amazing here, but he does continue his reputation for being ear candy. Juicy J's streak as a reliable feature continues, too. Give him credit. His rhyme style remains pretty stagnant and he has the nuance of a bull in a china shop. But for whatever reason, Juicy J rarely seems out of place.

'She Knows' is a cut off Ne-Yo's upcoming sixth album, 'Non-Fiction.' Before that drops in  2015, he's going on his Live in Concert tour, which kicks off Oct. 12 in San Francisco.

Listen to Ne-Yo's 'She Knows' Feat. Juicy J