Right before he releases his new mixtape 'Ransom,' Mike WiLL Made-It debuts the frenetic banger, 'California Rari,' featuring Young Thug, Future and Problem. The song is about fast cars, fast money and living an opulent lifestyle.

Thugger starts things off with a hook, and says he drives up on women in his Ferrari while sharing the same importance and swagger as the President of the United States. And his verse contains the same kind of bold claims.

"Where is my money? Pulling up gunnin,' automatic tommies / Stomachs I don't mash out with nothing, 4 5 on 11, I got birds and they nesting... I'm going' in-fluence, if she don't got class that's truancy / My VV's are yellow like urine, I smoke a blunt to the head, in bed, eat it," he spits.

Future is up next and puts the sing-songy cadence on the back burner to spit impressive rhymes.

"Too close to the money, my heart's in the gutter / F--- the felony, I beat charges / See me in my truck, a Maserati / All my passion is reaching the masses / All this cash is right under my mattress / I go spazin' all over the atlas," he spits in his signature deep, scratchy voice.

'Ransom' is available on iTunes. Ride out to 'California Rari' below.

Listen to Mike WiLL Made-It's 'California Rari' Feat. Young Thug, Future, & Problem