Method Man, whose marijuana use is well documented, has hit a new high in his weed career. According to a UK publication, the rapper/actor is in financial trouble, and claims his addiction to marijuana is responsible.

The 'How High' star, also known as Tical, which is slang for weed, was apparently unfazed when New York state tax collectors showed up at his Staten Island home and seized his 2008 Lincoln Navigator, in lieu of more than $50,000 which he owes the government in back taxes.

"I knew why they (the repossession officers) were there." Meth told the Daily News, "It wasn't like 'Oh my God! Noo!! Don't take it!' I was half-dressed, and it was so early that I just said, 'Okay, you're taking the truck.'"

The Wu-Tang Clan star, born Clifford Smith, denies being in financial trouble, insisting that he intends to pay the taxes he owes in full, and blames the repossession on a memory lapse inspired by marijuana usage.

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"Myself, I'm a pothead." Meth admits. "It's no secret. Everyone knows that. I go on the road and forget everything else. Sure, (the tax department) sent letters to my house saying, 'We need this money.' They started sending them in 2002. Here it is, 2009, and I never paid this s---, because I don't think like that! I could have easily just written them a check for whatever amount, but no -- I waited until they knocked on this door and were like, 'We got your truck and we outta here!'"

Method Man continued his defense by citing the sheer amount of mail he receives as an excuse for failing to pay the government.

"Now I'm thinking 'We've gotta get our truck back!' which means I have to get all my paperwork together. That means days of going through mail, 'cause I got mail like woah. I've found checks from 2005 that have never been opened yet. And we're talking a significant amount of money! But I never opened (the tax department's) letters -- so this is how the tax man came to Meth's house and took his truck. Not because I was broke! I got plenty of money!"

This finally answers Meth's infamous question in his hit song "How High." The answer being, obviously, high enough to forget to pay his taxes and lose his truck.