Seattle-based rapper Ben Haggerty, known by his stage name Macklemore, has released an emotional music video today for the track "Same Love." The seven minute-long visual follows the life of a gay boy and details his struggle growing up in a world where he seemingly can't be himself.

The lyrics reflect our culture's knee-jerk reactions to the conception of "gay" and Macklemore skillfully raps about the unfair realities that gay members of society face. As the video progresses, the protagonist eventually falls in love and gets married, and dies with his husband by his hospital bed.

The video also features the vocals of Mary Lambert, who sings the haunting refrain on the Ryan Lewis-produced track: "I can't change even if I tried/ Even if I wanted to/ My love she keeps me warm."

Maybe this visual argument for equality will help convince voters to pass Referendum 74, a bill in support of legalizing gay marriage that recently gained enough signatures to be put to vote in the upcoming November election.

"Same Love" appears on The Heist, a collaborative effort between Macklemore and Lewis debuting Oct. 9. The release is available for pre-order via iTunes here.

Watch Macklemore's Same Love" Video

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