Back in the day, Tiffany and Debbie Gibson played malls all the time, but when a rapper tries the same thing, the cops show up. Of course, it helps to have the proper permits.

Saturday afternoon (Aug. 20), recent Bad Boy Records signee Machine Gun Kelly was arrested at a Cleveland mall and charged with disorderly conduct. The 21-year-old MC had taken to Twitter earlier in the day to organize a flash mob in the food court, drawing hundreds of fans, according to local news reports.

"Today we flash mob NO MATTER WHAT!" Kelly tweeted. "5pm at SouthPark mall in the foodcourt, wear disguises, dont move to you hear 'Cleveland' play then RAGE!"

According to Cleveland's Fox 8 TV, the tatted-up rapper was carried shirtless out of the mall after standing on a table and addressing fans with a megaphone. As he was led out, supporters snapped pictures and chanted "MGK."

"If havin fun with my fans and bringin the rage back to my hometown means I have to be arrested...then keep pullin the cuffs out," tweeted Kelly, who was released from custody shortly after being charged.

Had he "raged" with a bit more civility, Kelly, AKA Colson Baker, might have avoided a trip to the station. Last week, Cleveland city councilors upheld Mayor Frank Jackson's veto of a bill that would have made organizing flash mobs via social media illegal.

Watch Machine Gun Kelly's Cleveland Flash Mob